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Nickee J - God of Wonders
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Up-and-coming Nigerian gospel music minister, worshiper and songwriter/singer Egbegi Eteimowei Nicholas who is known musically by his stage name as Nickee-J, has release his long awaited single titled “God of Wonders”.

The song God of wonders is a single gospel track with three different worship contained in it. A little part of the song is written in ijaw language and that is his most favourite part of the song.

It’s a song of worship exalting God and telling him who he is. It has blessed lives and it will give courage to those losing faith and just as the song implies God of wonders you’re reliable dependable and capable that was how he brought to pass the dreams because Nickee-J totally submitted everything to him.
“I am grateful to God for this great gift he has given to me, a voice to honor him and also for helping me discover this gift. The day of my launching been 6th of July God showed me that he is truly God and he defended his name. Download and enjoy the God of wonders even as he will do his wonders in your life…” – Nickee-J.

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Artiste Brief Biography:

Egbegi Eteimowei Nicholas popularly called by friends and many as Nickee-j, even as a small boy years back he always love doing the things of God and even in the church he always want to be doing something. He once worked as an usher in the Redeemed Christian Church of God but was not too comfortable with it not until 2014 when he attended a church RCCG miracle pavelon parish at Sagbama a small church and he saw there was a keyboard but no one to play, he got interested he told the pastor he then asked him to join the choir which he did but was not singing his interest was the keyboard and so he started and to the glory of God he began to improve and he enjoyed playing this For God.

“I have been invited severally to play the piano and not for once did I charge any one because I believe that as I am playing for God he will bless me and If I should ask any pastor to pay me that means I am not expecting God to bless me but I always say this man cannot pay me but God will and he truly answers prayers and he has seen my heart that’s why he has favoured me even when i gained admission in 2014 he provided a sponsor all this are the hand works of God.”

2017 he found himself writing this song God of wonders, Nickee-J lost both parents when he was small and God has in one way or the other always been there for him and his younger brother, when Nickee’s thought of how far God has brought them the song came saying God of wonders, you’re reliable, dependable and capable for there is nothing impossible before him if you rely on Him, He will meet your needs and if you depend on Him, He will bring to an expected end whatever your desire and no matter the situation God is capable to deliver you.
“There are too many other things God has done that we may not state now. But for all He has done for Nickee-J, his mouth shall not seize from praising Him. He is indeed a God of wonders that’s why He faithfully finished what He started. Glory be to God” – Moses O.

Lyrics: for God of wonders
you’re reliable, dependable, you’re capable that’s who you are…

God of signs
You’re reliable, dependable, you’re capable
That’s who you are

Call= I cannot do
Resp= without you
Call= I can not do
Resp= without you
Cal= I can not do
Resp= without you
You are my God

You are my God you’re my everything and am nothing
Resp without you
Am absolutely nothing

Resp = without you

Call= I cannot do
Resp= without you, you are my God.

Call= You are my father
I have no future
Resp= Without you
Call= my future is hopeless
resp=Without you
Call=I can not do resp=Without you
you are my God

Call = oh)5
I cannot do
Resp = without you) 3*, your my God…

Yes lord
Ton ton teme dau (clean spirit of God)
Efaghaba-efideiye (without you am gone/dead)
Nanaowei (creator)
Efaghaba-efideiye (without you am gone/dead)
You are reliable, dependable, you’re capable in all things
Nanaowei (creator)
Efagbaba-efideiye( without you am gone/dead)

You took the pain for me,
Your blood was shared for me,
You died to set me free
My dear lord
You are my God

Yes you took the pain for me

You took the pain for me
Your blood was shared for me
You died to set me free
My dear lord
You are my God

So the God of wonders
I glorify your name…
King of kings lord of lords
I glorify your name
You are reliable, dependable, you’re capable in all things, king of kings
I glorify your name
Yes I glorify your name
God of winders
I glorify your name
king of kings lord of lords
I glorify your name
You are reliable, dependable, you’re capable in all things
King of kings
I glorify your name

You are my father
You are my Lord
The king of kings
You are the lord of lords
Ancient of days
I put my trust in you
Ocean divider
You are the great provider
The lion of Judah
There is no one els like you
You are God you are God
You are not a man
You are the father to the fatherless ones
The mother to the motherless ones
You are reliable, dependable in all things.

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