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Okextra - There Is A Place For You
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Okextra is out with yet another blockbuster, There Is A Place For You (Baba God Noni) with a beautiful tune and rhyming lyrics to inspire and motivate you.

Singer in his own words affirmed this song is for; those on the street and those in the house, wherever and whoever, male or female, young or old, on this side of eternity (the Earth), and especially in Nigeria regardless of the circumstances – THERE IS A PLACE FOR YOU……. BABA GOD NONI.

Oke Oyeniyi (Okextra) is a gifted songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. He has been active in the music scene for a decade as a MUSIC DIRECTOR and MUSIC INSTRUCTOR, a firm believer of “catch them young”; this belief has confined his works to training and raising young people in music unto the lord in various churches and schools. His music was greatly influenced by both local and foreign musicians, and hence his versatility in delivering music of various styles.

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Lyrics for ‘There Is A Place For You’ produced by PeejayKlasik

There is a place for you beyond the sky
And a wing for you so you could fly
Baba God no ni
Na Him make you win
I throw way salute oooo
I dropped cap for yoooo
Cause I know who you be
No matter how e be
There is a place for you 3x

First I thank God
Lati bere titi dopin, its all about God
Baba gbe Iya gbe but couldn’t meet all
Every need every help God supplied all
Knocked down many times I wan give up
Heard His voice in His word telling me get up
Looking back I wonder what would have happened
But with God on my side Ire ti happen

Thanks to our parents, papa mama you are selfless
Nigba ta o le gbowo gbese E o je ka wa helpless
A ko le gbagbe sacrifice yin, they are countless
Melo la fe so, ko soro mo we are speechless
Tire to yo ti ko ninu, iyen sa n i tubeless
Omo to yo tan gbagbe obi, you are brainless
Obi to fa ro toju omo awon ni sweetest
Te bi ta ra to duro ti wa, ese God bless


Puzzle hustle through the school wasn’t easy though
Teachers made it easy now am going with the flow
All the tests and exams were to guide us through the road
All the flaws and failures were to build us till we grow
Teachers are helpers, supporters, the builders,that we need the most
They’re making all the stars and that is why you see us glow
We all are products of real teachers, I thought that you should know

Every dreamer you can win, don’t be ignorant
Looks can change, grades can change, God is constant
Many paths, plenty options lay before you
Ka to wi ka to fo, they are trying to sink you
Bad influence, peer pressure will try to stop this
Ka we e, ko ju sise, try to stay fix
No stealing no cheating bro, God will reward your labor
To ba ti lo dogbon si, don’t expect His favor


BRIDGE: Instrumental & Proverbial Rap

Boko Rokun Rosa, Ebute Loma Desi. Kisobia Todegbo, Olukanbe Lama Kesi.
Teru Ba Kan Oke Tokan Ile, Onibi Tama Gbesi.
Toro Baruni Loju, Oleni Tama kesi.
Ibi kan Wa Fun E, Tati Pese Sile Fun E. Ibe Lejin Loju E, But O Ma Nomije Oju E. Oni Plan Fun E, Kodigba Tinba So Fun E. There Is A Better Place For you, Beeni Mo Wi Fun E. O Le Lu Ko Mai Dun, Iyen O Sope Ko Give Up. Olowo Lema Bi E, Iyen O Sope Ko Keep Shut. Remember No Event, No History. Life Looks So Funny, Full Of Mysteries. Kosoju Toribi Ri,Tikoni Pada Rire. O Somo Oloku Beni, Oro E Apada Jasire. Kiwura Gan To Dan, O Tilana Koja. Dupe Folorun Lori Ogun To mu E Rekoja.
Se towo Ni Omo, A Ba E Se. Madupe Masukun, Ma Bere Bo se Ma se. O le Fun E Lowo Bayi, Kosokun fa Iku. Tabi Kora Motor Fun E, Kiyen Gbe E Subu, Akunle Ayanpin, Adaye Agbagbe. Fira E Lokan Bale, Arugbo Ojo Oni Gbagbe. Ileri Tose Fun E Kole Ever Tase. Maronu Mo, Masukun Mo, There Is A Place For You.

That I made it here today
Baba God ni
All the while all the way
Baba God ni

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