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Ommoh Ge, Award-winning artist releases a new perspective of God, she called this ‘OMNI’ with much radiant of God. Omni is a declaration of God’s sovereignty, the Omni …., He is the Omni what you call Him. The song OMNI was received as a deep insight of who God is; in diverse ways of her walking with God as a worshiper.

She said, take a little time out from your vast array of work activities and life challenges and just worship the OMNI OMNI. Her perspective of God highlights God with so much luminous fierce vocals of the OMNI God himself.

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LYRICS: by Ommoh Ge


Omni Omni

Your voice sounds like thunder

You made the cloud your Chariot

Your eyes are flames of fire (2x)

[Solo 1]

Your face shines like the sun

unstoppable un-fightable unbeatable God

uncreated creator God

You have no predecessor nor successor

The youngest old man

You’re alpha and omega

You never lost a battle

Odogu akataka


[Solo 2]

Omni-parents God

Na you be the father of the whole world

Omni-potent God

Na you be the powerful God

Omni-presence God

You are everywhere at the same time

Omni-ficent God

You are unlimited in creative powers owowowowo

Omni-package God

You have the ability to re-package our lives


You give specific directions to your Children

Omni-bus-stop God

Na you they take us to our destination

Omni-strategist na you they give idea to Success


[Repeat Chorus]

Omni-competent God you are

You are God all by yourself self self self self

Omni-packaged God




Omni-competent God God

That is who you are.


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