PEABOD – Growing Up Part 1 (EP)

PEABOD - Growing Up Part 1 (EP)
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Centricity Music hip hop artist PEABOD delivered a new EP titled, Growing Up Part 1. In advance of this EP, the artist has pre-released three tracks, “Wonderful and Scary,” “Heavenly Father” featuring Cochren & Co. and Resound, and “Big Feelings.” The EP is available now to download or stream.

Known for his “happy raps,” clever wordplay, and catchy production, Seattle native Isaac Peabody puts an infectious new spin on the hip hop genre. Known by the stage name PEABOD, he makes the hip hop genre accessible to a wider audience and fills it with a long-overdue dose of fun relatability. Loaded with talent and infectious energy, PEABOD is a musical sensation listeners will be eager to call friend.

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