Psalmist Josephine – Elu Elu (Lyrics) + Jesus The Author (Album)

Psalmist Josephine - ELU ELU (Jesus The Author)
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Psalmist Josephine releases Lyrics Video for “Elu Elu” off her new album titled; Jesus The Author. The 8 tracked body of work which comprises of exotic praise and worship songs was recorded, produced, mix and mastered at Femity Studios, Lagos.

This is Psalmist Josephine’s debut album and it promises to be widely accepted.

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Lyrics: ELU ELU by Psalmist Josephine

Odighi onye dika gi
onye n’eme nma
Odighi onye dika gi
Igwe n’eche ndu ee
Obata obieei ee
Idinma n’emenma
All: elu elu.
All:Odighi onye dikagi
Call:onye n’eme nma
all: odighi onye dika gi
call: Igwe n’eche ndu ee
all:ah ah ah ah
call: Obata obiee odi nma n’eme nma
all: elu elu
K’ anyi bulie ya
All: elu elu
Elu elu elueeh
all:elu elu
call:elu eh eluooh
all:elu elu
call:Elu eluooh ooh
all elu elu
Call:k’anyi bulie ya
All:elu elu
call:bulie ya bulie ya bulie ya
all: elu elu
call:bulie nu Jesus ma eeh
all:elu elu
Elu elu wo ooh
all:elu elu

This kind of God I never see im type
This kind of God e no geti part 2
This God wey I dey talk oo naim be original God, K’ anyi bulie ya elu elu wetin bi the trouble wey my father no fit solve e no dey wetin be sickness wey my father no fit heal
Come unto him o ye that labour and heavy laden. He will fight your battle and you will have your rest.

Repeat chorus

Bridge: if you lift Jesus high
He will draw men to Himself ooh, brethren let’s lift Him high elu eeeh
call: elu elu elu elu eeh
all:Elu elu
call:Elu elueeh
all:elu elu
all:elu elu
K’anyi bulieya
all: elu elu
Bulieya bulienu Jesus elu eeh
all: elu elu
Bulie nu omeka nnaya eeh
all: elu elu
Elu elu elu eeh
all:elu elu
K’anyi bulie ya

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