Sam Adebanjo – Pray for Naija – Prayer for Nigeria (Lyrics Video)

Sam Adebanjo - Pray for Naija - Prayer for Nigeria
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Sam Adebanjo Release ‘Prayer for Nigeria’ Song In the light of challenges Nigeria is currently facing, musician MOBO Awards Nominee and Multiple Awards winning Artist Sam Adebanjo alongside fellow Nigerian Based artistes recorded a song titled “Prayer for Nigeria.”

“The tragedy in some parts of Nigeria has touched the lives of people around the world,” Adebanjo says. “What Nigeria needs most is prayer.”

Adebanjo hopes this song will cause a positive change and bring about lasting peace in Nigeria.
Nigeria Song – Naija Music – Prayer 4 Naija


This is a Prayer for Nigeria
Now is the time for us to come together
Together we can
With God on our side all things are possible
Come on Nigeria

I will pray for Nigeria
Nigeria will not be divided
We will be together forever

Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause

Guide our leader’s right
Yoruba Hausa lets come together
Nigeria I will be praying for you

Pls I plead with you Nigeria let’s stop the violence and killing let peace reign
Heavenly Father we calling you
Heavenly Father we have come to pray

Repeat chorus

I believe in unity
I believe in harmony
I see a new Nigeria
Never we will not be divided
When we pray together
Work in love together
In unity we will rise together
To uphold the honour and glory
So help us God

We will march to greater height
We will stand tall we will not fall
We will speak with one voice and work in harmony
God I pray.
If we come together in unity in Nigeria
All barriers will be removed
I believe in Nigeria
Everything holding us back will be eased
I believe in Naija

Repeat chorus

Naija for life
If we fall we will rise
We will be the envy of many nations
We can stand together
I see a beautiful people
I see a beautiful land

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