Sarah Kroger Delivers New Single “Belovedness” Official Audio

Sarah Kroger Belovedness
Gospel Songs Mp3

Sarah Kroger delivers a new single named “Belovedness”, which can be heard below. The song was written by Michael Farren, Tony Wood, Sarah Kroger, and Ben Shive.

You’ve owned your fear and all your self-loathing
You’ve owned the voices inside of your head
You’ve owned the shame and reproach of your failure
It’s time to own your belovedness

You’ve owned your past and how it’s defined you
You’ve owned ev’rything everybody else says
It’s time to hear what your Father has spoken
It’s time to own your belovedness

He says you’re mine
I smiled when I made you
I find you beautiful in ev’ry way
My love for you is fierce and unending
I’ll come to find you, whatever it takes
My beloved

You’ve owned the mess you see in the mirror
You’ve owned the lies that you’re just not enough
You’re been so blinded by all you’re comparing
It’s time to own your belovedness

You are completely loved and fully known
Beloved, believe He died to make your heart His home

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