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Sarah Reeves - Motions
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American musician and recording artist Sarah Reeves is out with new single “Motions”, along with an official music video. Sarah’s will release her new LP, Life Love & Madness, on October 9, 2020.

Reeves shares, “This “Motions” has been a favorite of mine since we wrote it. It’s honestly a heavy one. I’ve caught myself going through the motions in so many seasons of life without questioning it. It was killing me.” She continues, “This year has been a time of zooming out, waking up, feeling deeply, asking questions to myself and to God. Sometimes feeling the pain is a necessary part of healing. It’s easy to become numb, but it’s time to let your senses come alive again. Let’s grow, let’s change, let’s heal together.”


Lyrics: Motions by Sarah Reeves, Ian Keaggy, Vanessa Campagna, Sam Tinnesz

Verse 1:
One foot out one in the grave
All the petals on the roses fade
Been a while since I felt the pain
But I’m feeing it now

I’m my own worst enemy
Broken mirror looking at me
All the lies that I couldn’t see I’m seeing them now

Something spiritual is speaking through the silence
The ghost is waking up I feel it rising
Got my hands around my demons till their lifeless
That part of me is dying

I keep going through the motions going through the motions going through the motions
Good at keeping my composure heavy on my shoulders want it to be over
Pop this bottle of emotion just so I can close it throw it in the ocean
I keep going through the motions going through the motions going through the motions

Verse 2:
Higher than a Jericho
Looks like I got nowhere else to go
But I still believe in miracles and I need one now

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