Audio + Lyrics: Sean Curran – Shake The Dust Off

Sean Curran - Shake The Dust Off
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Passion and sixstepsrecords/Capitol Christian Music Group worship leader and songwriter Sean Curran is out with a new song this week. “Shake The Dust Off” is available now and can be heard streaming below.

“During one of the last moments Jesus shares with his followers, he tells them to take heart because he has already overcome the whole world. This type of claim can only be made by one of two people: a crazy man, or the son of God. At the heart of this song is the courage to trust that Jesus is who he says he is. So friends, shake the dust off and take heart… Jesus is King.” – Sean Curran

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The King can’t lose His balance
He’s never caught off guard
His throne will not be overcome
We’ve never been forgotten
We’re never too far gone
Who lied and told you darkness won

Shake the dust off
Let the fear fall
Turn the light on
Take heart take heart
Let the praise rise
Lift the King high
This is how we fight
Take heart take heart
Shake the dust off

Arise O generation
Revival’s on the run
Prepare our hearts for kingdom come
His truth will not be silenced
No weapon will prevail
He’s never failed and He never will

The king is always on his throne
The king is always on his throne
The king is always on his throne
Let the whole world know it

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