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DOWNLOAD Music: Tolu – Better (Adara)

BETTER (Adara) by Tolu

Tolu releases debut single titled BETTER (Adara).
No matter how long a night is, dawn will surely come. No matter how tough the situation is, things will definitely get better. That’s the message in Tolu’s pop single debut, BETTER. Adara is a Yoruba expression for “It’s gonna get better.” Tolu shares a story of her prayer to God about her life and how He reminded her about His promises and He’s here to make it all happen. Whatever the situation is for us, with God on our side, we are better off already. Enjoy!


About Tolu
Olatunji Tolulope is a graduate of Geology from Federal University Lokoja and has been into music way from secondary school up to her undergraduate days. She has served as a music director in different capacities and till now still serving as music director. Her love for music made her join music crews like Praise Gang and SOTE as she is still an active member of both crews.

Tolu participated in some musical talent Hunt such as FUL Got Talent and Kogi Praise Live where she performed excellently well. She is determined to take her musical career to the next level as she releases her first single titled Better (Adara) which promises to a great song.

Stream & Buy: http://bit.ly/BetterAdaraTolu

Verse 1
I woke one morning
to talk to my creator
about my life 2*(twice)
My creator told me
Am all ears(2wice)

Pre chorus
Dear daughter am here for you just say what you want here am here for you (4times)

Baba baba aye me dowore baba baba aye mi dowore o

I woke up one morning to talk to my creator about my life about my life
My creator told me
Don’t you worry about a thing don’t you worry about a thing never never worry about a thing
My creator told me
Mafoyaa mamikaan shafokanrebaale

Pre chorus
Dear daughter am here(uh uh uh) for you just say what you want am here for you (4times)

Baba baba ayemi dowore
Baba baba ayemi dowore


Call: it’s gonna get better
Res: Adara
Call: it’s gonna get better
Res: Adara
Call: better better better
Res: Adara

Repeat till fade


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