MUSIC: Tommy Tush – This Life

Tommy Tush - This Life
Gospel Songs Mp3

Music coach and worship leader Tommy Tush has yet released another beautiful single titled “This Life”, the song will inspire your soul to redirect your life to take every step of your life easy.

In his Words “This song is dedicated to everyone out there who is working hard to live a comfortable life. To every who puts our honest work, hustling daily to make life better for themselves and their family, to every young person out there, to every lover of life and hope… This song is for you

This song is dedicated to everyone who believes in positive change, to everyone who believes things can be better, to everyone who believes in peace. So much disorder and pain in the world. This year has been filled with loss of lives, depression, suicides, racial wars and so many feel life is not balanced.

This song addresses the imbalance and ills in society from the streets to the sanctuary. From family to politics. This song brings hope

I urge everyone to CALM DOWN in the midst of all that’s happening nationwide and globally. There is hope and there is away. This Life is a song filled with depth of wisdom, melodious sound and sticky message.” Tommy Tush


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