TRIBL – Freedom Looks Good On You Lyrics + Mp3 Download

TRIBL “Freedom Looks Good On You” Video ft. Israel Houghton, Bri Babineaux & Maverick City Music

Tribl 1 Compilation Album Ft. Maverick City Music
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TRIBL releases a live video for “Freedom Looks Good On You” featuring Israel Houghton, Bri Babineaux and Maverick City Music, which can be viewed below.

“Freedom Looks Good On You” was written by Houghton, Chandler Moore, Pat Barret and Ryan Ofei. The track was featured on Maverick City Music’s Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition which released earlier this year (June 18).

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Verse 1
Take me from where I am
Into Your promise land
Guided by Your great hand
Wherever You go
I’ll follow

Verse 2
Break off my yesterday
Ready for brighter days
Running with no restraint
Wherever You go I’ll follow

Gone are the chains that were holding me
Gone is the person I used to be
Free from the fear by Your perfect love
This is my exodus
This is my exodus

Verse 3
No one can take away
The future You have for me
There’s still so much more to see
Wherever You go I’ll follow

This freedom
Looks good on
Freedom looks good on you

Freedom looks good on you
Freedom looks good on you
Freedom looks good on you
Try it on try it on

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