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Tribl Nights Anthologies
Gospel Songs Mp3

TRIBL is more than a group of individuals or space, it’s the point of genesis of a new worship sound. The Tribl Nights Anthologies series is a compilation of those moments. A series of covered songs with inspired worship moments and new songs featuring traditional Gospel and CCM artists who would otherwise never meet in a room.

Tribl Nights Anthologies includes TRIBL artists, Maverick City Music, JJ Hairston, Jekalyn Carr, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, DOE, Melvin Crispell III, Amanda Cook and more TRIBL family and friends, coming together for this live worship series during the Summer of 2021.

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1. Too Good Not to Believe (feat. Lizzie Morgan, Cecily & Melvin Crispell III)
2. Be Praised (feat. Ryan Ofei & Joe L Barnes)
3. Ways for Me (feat. Dante Bowe)
4. We Have Hope (feat. Joe L Barnes, Jonathan Traylor & Lizzie Morgan)
5. Canvas and Clay (feat. DOE & Jonathan Traylor)
6. Never Lost (feat. Joe L Barnes, Lizzie Morgan & Melvin Crispell III)
7. Build My Life (feat. Joe L Barnes, Ryan Ofei & Jekalyn Carr)
8. Don’t Take Your Spirit Away From Me (feat. JJ Hairston)
9. If It Wasn’t for Jesus [Spontaneous](feat. Amanda Cook)
10. Names (feat. Amanda Cook)
11. Where Would I Be? (feat. Dante Bowe, Ryan Ofei & Brandon Lake)
12. Rest on Us (feat. Mariah Adigun & Jekalyn Carr)
13. King of Heaven (Reign Jesus Reign)(feat. Ryan Ofei, Nate Diaz & Lizzie Morgan)
14. King of Heaven [Agnus Dei](feat. Ryan Ofei, Nate Diaz & Lizzie Morgan)
15. Miracle in the Works (feat. Katie Torwalt & Jekalyn Carr)
16. My Hallelujah (feat. Katie Torwalt & Jekalyn Carr)
17. A Greater Mission (feat. Sam Collier)

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