[Lyric Video] Unspoken – Help Is On The Way

Help Is On The Way - Unspoken
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Today, recording artist Unspoken released the official lyrics video for “Help Is On The Way”. The track was first featured on the band’s 2019 album Reason, as well as the follow-up Reason Deluxe album.

The highly anticipated launch of the new deluxe album showcases not only the raw, authentic pop musicality of the 12-tracks featured on the band’s acclaimed 2019 bestseller Reason, but also one all new song, three live recordings and remixes of the multiformat No. 1 Billboard hit single “Reason” by Luke Johns and “Help Is On The Way” by David Spencer.

Reason Deluxe is available now to download or stream.


I know how you feel
Fighting for another breath
Searching for the strength
To lift your legs another step

Wounded by the past
How long will it last
Buried by the heavy weight
It won’t be long
Keep holding on
You won’t have to wear those chains

Help is on the way
Help is on the way
Whatever the struggle, whatever the pain
No matter the fear or the battle you face
Help is on the way
Help is on the way

You are not alone
All of heaven’s on your side
Every prayer is heard
Your rescue’s coming just in time

Lift up your eyes
Look to the hills
You won’t be overcome
It won’t be long
Keep holding on
Sure as the rising sun

You have a warrior, defender, protector, and friend
You have a Father who’s for you, whose love never ends
His love never ends

I know how you feel
But it isn’t over yet

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