Video: Douglas Danor (3D) – Imela (Thank You) [@DougiVilla]

Douglas Danor
Gospel Songs Mp3

The Lagos based gospel minister shows forth his skills as phenomenal as they are presented, dishes out this dude video to commensurate the awesome of this great God.

Imela which means ‘Thank You or Well-done’ in the Eastern dialects of Nigeria is a song of gratitude, thanksgiving and appreciation, to God in recognition of His wonderful works which He has done for him and is doing for His (God’s) people.

Facts from the video reveals an unrestrained, unreserved and inhabited worship attitude which is expressed to term this Mighty God.

The depiction of a dustbin life transformed into a wealthy life through God’s grace, elaborates the video to the unction of thanks to the Almighty

His vocal acceleration merge with the elastic perching of the instruments produces the realities of good praises and total humility for God’s unmerited sustainability.

The song is an outpouring of my heart to the Maker of my little, the one who position me to be something in this lift, so outgrown my pride and certified a downcast to worship this great God and say #Imela – Douglas Danor.



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Douglas Danor

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