Music: Timothy And Paul Peters – You Are Worthy

Paul And Timothy Peters - You Are Worthy
Gospel Songs Mp3

Timothy And Paul Peters, has released a new single titled “YOU ARE WORTHY”. A song which stresses God’s supremacy over all the universe, it also tells how Satan and demons trembles at God’s command and says worthy, you (God) are worthy to be called God.

Timothy and Paul Peters are one of the true WORSHIPERS of God, they are gifted in singing, writing and playing songs, they are from Nigeria in Anambra State, Uli. They have played many roles in music industries, including their prophecy which is now happening, they are young but knows the ancient mysteries which the Lord has put on them, and has influenced many lives.

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Hmmm!, hmm!, hmmm!!!
Aaah hmm!, hmm!!, hmmm!!!, x2
(Eeeeeeeeh, eeeeeh, eeeeeeh, eeeeh….. Speaking on tongue)

[Verse 1] Aya m abuo
(My eyes)
Ahuwo oluebubegi
(Has seen you wonders)
Ntimu abuo
(My ears)
Ahuwo Ihe oma I ne mee
(Has seen your good works)
Your greatness
Is seen all over the world
By your wisdom,
You established the world
IBU chukwu okike
(You are God of creation)
Mala odigi chi kere GI
(But you are not created)
Osisi nuru olugi were puta I’ve
(Trees, had your voice, and came into being)
Umuanumanu nuru olugi
(Animals, had your voice,)
Were puta ihe
(And came into being)
At your command, amazing things happen
No wonder then, That everyone stand in awe of you
Even Satan heard it and tremble, Saying worthy
You are worthy
To be called God

[Sub chorus…] Worthy
You are worthy
You are worthy
To be called God, call God

I just wana say
You are worthy!!
even Satan is saying
You are worthy!!!
oo oo Oh oh
To be called God..
Ooh, oooh!
Demon is saying
You are worthy!!
And everyone is shouting!
You are worthy!!!
To be called God!!!!

[Verse 2] As we worship you lord, they demons start to tremble, As we worship you lord, every knees must bow, as we worship you lord, every tongue start to confess, saying worthy, to be called God.

[Chorus] Oh ooh!
Other gods are man made!
You are worthy!!
Only you is our God!
You are worthy!!!
Eeh eh eh
To be called God.
Angels are singing
The host of heavens is saying
You are worthy!!
And everyone is shouting
You are worthy!!!
To be called God
To be called God!!!!
[Verse 3] You made!, the universe! You made it, everyone acknowledge that… You made! The universe!! You made it, that’s why we come to say..

Dagon, declared you!
You are worthy!
Everything is saying!
You are worthy!!
To be called God.
Oh ooh o
You are worthy!!
You are worthy!!!
To be called God


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