DOWNLOAD MP3: Zachary Ray – Snapshot ft Nathan Walters

Zachary Ray - Snapshot ft Nathan Walters
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International artist Zachary Ray releases his new pop single “Snapshot” (featuring Nathan Walters) this Friday, co-written with Brandon Bee, produced by Plus One band member Nathan Walters.

Inspired by John 17:3, “Snapshot” was written to show listeners the power of finding their identity by prioritizing what God is doing in the world and what His plan is over their own plan. The song breathes Coram Deo (meaning all of life is lived before God) and Imago Dei (Meaning all of life is lived to image God).

“I think as creatives we can get sidetracked from our calling and caught up in what we are achieving,” said Ray. “Using music to speak truth is an incredible honor. We have wonderful opportunities to make the name of Jesus famous and have to be careful of trying to make our name famous above His.”

Along with Ray, the writing and production teams involved artfully crafted the song’s unique synth beats and inspirational lyrics to make the song stand out and lead every listener to believe this truth.

A snapshot of your love
A hologram so all can see it’s you
A snapshot of your love
A mirror on the wall to tell the truth

Listeners of the song will take away a great reminder of the main goal Ray has identified for followers of Jesus: To make Him known and prioritize a relationship with Him.

By listening to “Snapshot,” musicians, listeners and the artists who wrote and produced the song alike will be called every day to make Jesus’ name famous above all else.

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