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Oluwadamilare Samuel Ogunderin, popularly known as Dare Justified, is one of the fast-rising gospel ministers taking his trade to every part of the world. The Oyo State-born musician speaks on his music and the importance of indigenous gospel music songs. Excerpts:

I am a gospel musician and a child of God. Gospel music is more like a ministry to me. I have been into this from way back. For me, it is not a job.  It is what I will do all my life. I just love to worship and praise God. I have been able to maximise what God deposited in me. I’m not after fame or boasting that I have got a talent; I want my work to speak for me and allow God to manifest Himself through my music.

How has it been as a music minister?

It has been great. I think I came at the right time, because the experience has been awesome. The open doors I have experienced have been mindblowing. I thank God for the grace I have enjoyed so far, which brought us to where we are today. It has been a long journey and I have been through a lot as a young man, but I keep doing what I am doing, because I believe in my vision. It is either I do this or nothing else. For me, it is just like a calling, you just have to stay and give yourself to God.

What is the distinctive thing you brought into the game?

It has to do with my style; I am a die-hard worshiper. I just like to worship God. In fact, I derive more strength when I worship God in my dialect (Yoruba). It means a lot to me and I think I connect more with God ministering in Yoruba language. It is deep and also carries a lot of power. I can communicate in it more, though I sing in English language too.

Are you saying you are more comfortable in indigenous songs than the funky style of music?

Not really. I was born into the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) family; that has been part of me up to this time,     because this is the kind of music we do, and miracle happens. For me, it carries life and it is soul-lifting. I cannot forget my root. Trust me, those songs are powerful; other gospel artistes have theirs too. They may not necessarily mean CAC songs or deeper than that or Pentecostals. For me, my root is very deep, we sing mostly in Yoruba, especially in songs of crusade, worship songs, praise. I believe my strength is from my root.

How did you discover your passion for music?

My parents forced us to church when we didn’t feel like in those days. My mum will even force me to women prayer meetings. She will ask me to pray and sing for them. She would always hand pick me among my siblings, because I am the last child; I will cry; there was nothing I could do, but to follow her to the church. So, as a result of this experience, music became part of me. That was how I developed love for gospel music. Thereafter, I joined the junior choir. I later joined a band and the love to worship God kept increasing. It got to a point that I didn’t miss praise concert either in the day or night even beyond my environment. In fact, I trekked, even when I didn’t have fare fee. Nothing has changed about the way I worship God. I exhaust a lot of energy during ministration. This is why I get soaked from head to toe with my sweat, maybe because I don’t like heat. After all these I would trek back home joyfully, and sometimes they will give me egg roll and water. That has been my journey, and that has helped me to be where I am today. God be the glory, because the story is changing for good.

Are you satisfied with the state of gospel music among other genre of music in the industry?

Gospel Music is a very large industry. We have different kinds of genre in the industry and the growth on daily basis has been amazing. Young people are beginning to realise it pays to serve God with their gifts. So, I’m pleased with the growth and I believe we can do better.

What is your assessment of the industry?

As I said earlier, we are growing and making impact in the society. Thank God for the internet. With the use of the social media and other electronic devices, we’ve been able to easily connect with millions of people around the world. Most importantly, peoples’ lives are being touched on daily basis, while listening to gospel music. The industry is growing, though there is a lot more that we can do.

Who is your role model?

I thank God for how far he has brought me in the industry. He has exposed me to a lot of things and I am learning as I grow in the field, especially from those I look up to such as Chioma Jesus, Nathaniel Bassey, Tope Alabi, among others.

How many songs do you have to your credit?

I have recorded about 20 songs. I have other compilations of praise and worship video also on online platforms, YouTube precisely.

How have you been able to cope with your female admirers?

By God’s grace, I love all my female friends and fans. They are lovers of my ministry and I pray for them all the time.

Written by SEYI SOKOYA

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