Dr. Sonnie Badu #Inspirational #Motivation [#Quotes]

Dr. Sonnie Badu
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Dr. Sonnie Badu ambassador of sacred music Dr. of Divinity/Recipient of keys to Brooklyn, also founder of share on IG he said:

First, Don’t try to keep people God is taken from you, it can be very dangerous….. let him GO, let her GO !! God has a better person coming .. let go..

Secondly, Don’t allow them (People) to fool you, you are a actually a big fish in an aquarium, you deserve to swim in the ocean and not that small box, breakout and break free now!!!!

He also went further to say:

There is a level you get to in your destiny where everything changes. From your meal, to your car, to your house, to your friends. That level is a season of REST. On that level, even your enemies will have no choice but to be at peace with you … This is the word of the Lord … You are about to enter your season of REST.

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