How To Use Email For A Successful Event

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How To Use Email For A Successful Event

When it comes to marketing and promotions, nothing beats a few good events. However, even if you have planned the coolest event the world has ever seen, it’s worth nothing if people don’t know about it. What better way to build up the hype than through email? Everyone checks their email multiple times a day, so you get a great reach. Also, it’s easy to present your event in a way that feels more personalized. Here is how to use emails to build up your next event and make it a true success.

Who Are You Sending to?

Most probably you have already accumulated a list of subscribers through your website and social media pages. It’s finally time to put all that data to good use. If you haven’t already, now is the time to put some data capture forms on your page. If you can, segment the recipients into groups by age, interest or any other relevant criteria, and tailor the emails specifically to appeal to each group.

Details to Pay Attention to

Make sure the template for your announcement or invitation is striking. You want something that will grab the attention of the reader. A lot of mail goes unread as the recipients simply assume it’s spam. Of course, you don’t want that fate for your email. Pay meticulous attention to detail from the subject line, to the body of the email. Since most people read their mail on their phones and other mobile devices, it’s very important to make the template responsive.

What Should You Write

The original invite should contain all the relevant info. Where and when is it held? Is it online or in-person? How long does it last? What are the topics? Who are the participants? What use is your event to the people you are inviting? What are the costs? Is the event free, and if not, where can your subscribers get the tickets and at what price? Your writing needs to be persuasive in order for your subscribers to be intrigued and want to sign up.


RSVP’s are easily handled and organized using simple automation tools. Modern automation tools will immediately create lists with those who are coming, those who aren’t and those who have not yet responded. This way, it’s easy to check with the no-response crowd again after a while to remind them and try to sway them again. The guest list is also nifty: you can send them updates as needed. You can even add the calendar option, so your guests can mark the date in their calendars and set a reminder.

During and After the Event

If you think that once the event starts, your work is done, you are sorely mistaken. There is plenty of opportunity to create precious buzz for your event using premium email marketing services during, and even after the event. It’s essential to follow up. Thanking your attendees is just one of the ways to establish a longer relationship with them. Guests love it when further info or relevant materials from the event are shared via email. You could even send out a survey to gather their opinions and suggestions for future gatherings. Feedback is the core of improvement and you should not pass up on the opportunity to get it.

While email is an extremely useful tool for all phases of event planning, it is very important to retain balance. After all, you don’t want your subscribers to get sick of you and relegate you to the spam folder, do you? Remember to use all means at your disposal next time you are planning an event to ensure maximum success.

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