[#Quotes] Master the WORD of God – Dr. Sonnie Badu

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Sometimes you have to pretend to be a fool to fool the fool who thinks he/she is fooling you… Don’t react yet, just keep playing dumb and they will fall in the trap soon.

Be still, speak less and watch JESUS do what he is good in doing … it’s your weekend of REST … they will fall in the traps they have set for you ..

Hey child of God , Master the WORD of God in all you do , it is the secret to longevity in ministry and in life !!!

Don’t write anyone off yet if you are not God …….

Teaching the word of God is my passion … I know some of you have not heard or seen that side of me but very soon you will … It comes with the music, they walk hand in hand

The word of God is light and life …. find it and your life will never be the same .. I promise you .. JESUS is the real deal ..

Dr. Sonnie Badu

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