Sonnie Badu Praying For First Born Both ‘Male and Female’

Sonnie Badu
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Dr. Sonnie Badu the D.D Wolmi Un Ambassador Of Sacred Music/Dr Of Divinity at Netherne on the Hill, United Kingdom praying for every first child in every family both male and female according to Dr. Sonnie he said as a first born you have to set an example because if the second born overtake you, you begging to develop the spirit of Jealously.

He also went further to say:

It error to be the first born and serve the second born. That means if you are the first BOY or a GIRL in a family you need GRACE.

PRAYER for First Born Both ‘Male and Female’:

To all first borns, both first male and first female. Today, I release grace to finish your race with distinction. You will set a good example for your siblings to follow. You will not be a waste of space in JESUS name.

He also added to the prayers and said:

God is about to do Something with your new Name that will cause a serious traffic jam on social media .. that new name is CEO, that new name is MRS, that new name is HONORABLE , that new name is FAVOUR…

That Marital Delay is not normal, that childbirth delay is not normal, that financial struggle is not normal, that premature death is not normal. It is the spirit of a headwind from your house hold. But Today, even on this platform, I silence that evil spirit in the name of JESUS …

God Blessed You.

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