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Hallelujah Challenge
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Famous social media ‘Hallelujah Challenge’ that was organized by Nathaniel Bassey June 201, it recorded  over 80,000 participants. One of the participant share a mind blowing testimony with the organizer. Below is what the testifier (anonymous) share:

#Dear Pastor Nathaniel,

Good morning sir. This is my hallelujah report from the last hallelujah challenge. Please keep me anonymous.

Miracle International Job.

I joined the hallelujah challenge on the 18th day and all my request was about getting a part time job while doing my masters degree and also the miraculous settlement of my second year school fees.
After the challenge, it seemed like nothing happened. However, fast forward to September, I applied to some companies that came to my uni.

For campus recruitment and just like that, within one month (from September 24th to October 26th), I got a full time job in one of the most prestigious Banks in Europe, to start immediately after I complete my masters degree. As if that wasn’t enough the company is giving me a scholarship amount that would cover my entire tuition fees. I am still in shock sir! I asked God for a temporary fix, but He did exceedingly abundantly, far above, all I could ever ask or imagine. Hallelujah!
Indeed God is the Onise Iyanu! God bless you sir!
Off record sir:

This job is in the UK at ##### Bank. I am not studying in the UK sir, infact I have never been there. I did all the recruitment process online. I will be resuming as a financial analyst (my dream job) and my salary when converted to naira is in millions. This is me, who’s last job as a client service officer in a Nigerian Bank before proceeding for my masters was less than a 100,000 naira.

This is me who’s first job was as a contract staff earning 50,000 naira. But God has turned my life around for good. I am in awe of God!!! May God bless you Pastor Nath for being a blessing to me. I listen to your song onise iyanu and I am literally in tears because indeed God has done much more than I can ever deserve.####

Get ready, you are next in line!!!!

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