Tired of Looking For Jobs? Here Is Your Sure Path To Getting A Befitting One, World Class In Fact

Tired of Looking For Jobs
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Job job job! Here is the exact thing that bothers a lot of us. Well, if you are lucky to graduate from university, you will then have a slightly little hope of getting one, how about some that didn’t have the privilege to go through institutions? …hhhmmm

But see this other side of the story. The last couple of years has shown an influx of digital in every industry. More people are being connected to the internet and more businesses are taking advantage of the digital opportunity to grow their business, see something shocking at There are over 86 million SMEs in Nigeria, or yes! Let’s guess, 2 million of them are already online or let’s say 10 million. The 76 million more would need to get online too right! Oh yes, because their customers are going online, so they will need to follow them so they can sell to them. This exactly explains why you never stop getting those BC of one business needing a graphic designer, or a web developer and digital marketing expert. There as well been a huge demand of digital skills all over the world hence, expect more and more of those BCs in the coming months.

But how does it feel when you see job offers and you have no skill or experience to take it up. Just think about it, how will you feel? Okay, so get out of the thought. A great quote says: ‘the best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago, the next best time is now!’ Everyday there are various job openings in digital and a huge number of unemployed youths who lack the skills to fill those positions. Hence we are glad to tell you that there is a great opportunity for you to actually get a job.

TinklingD (one of the top agencies in Africa with an amazing list of success stories and outstanding recognition) has announced the enrolment into their Digital Academy. 2 months of intensive digital training which goes for just a sponsored and rebated fee of NGN35,000. They have 3 courses or tracks you can choose from. Digital marketing, Web Design and Development, Branding & Visuals.

Here is where the job part comes in, immediately you take this course, you will get an internship offer for 3 months where you will develop the skill you have acquired and you will as well be paid a token to make you stay in balance. After which you can now choose to work in the company you are interning at, or go start out on your own or now finally take those digital job offers flying around your Whatsapp, or even go on freelance websites to take on jobs. Guess what, you don’t need a BSc to qualify for this kind of job.

Here are the details of the course:

  • Price: NGN35,000 (Pay before Feb 11 to get 14% discount)
  • Training Times: Monday – Friday, 10AM – 3PM
  • Training Period: 19, Feb 2018 – 06, April 2018
  • Certification Exams: 09 – 13, April 2018
  • Internship Placement: 23rd of April, 2018 (optional if you have other plans).
  • Training School Address: TinklingD Ibadan Office, view on Google Maps
  • Further Help or Enquiries: Call: +234 701 214 0254

This sort of Opportunity comes once in a while, and no other digital training opportunity around has this well-thought plan to help you get jobs, but here is the thing, they only have 20 slots and can only take 20 people, so if you want 2018 to be that year of transformation, you should get on the website and enroll right now!

Register Here-, Contact phone: +234 701 214 0254.

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