Tonier Cain! After 83 arrest, 66 convictions, 19 years of drug addiction, woman celebrates 14 years of freedom

Tonier Cain-Muldrow
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After 83 arrest, 66 convictions, 19 years of drug addiction, woman celebrates 14 years of freedom – Tonier Cain-Muldrow!

– An American woman has since become a viral internet sensation after her latest post on social media

– She shared a rather touching history of herself during her years of struggling with crime and addiction

– Now living a clean and crime-free life, she hopes to inspire many more people The popular saying; as long as there is life, there is hope, is the perfect way to describe the amazing story of Tonier Cain-Muldrow.

Her story of her days of youth appeared to be one lost without hope for redemption. From countless arrests to drug addiction, her life was a complete write-off. However, all that changed when she finally realized nothing was working to soothe her inner demons.

According to the post, after trying everything else to feel better and failing, she finally reached out to God. Her story depicts the popular ‘grass to grace’ phrase.

She wrote on Facebook: Fourteen years ago, I laid on my prison cell floor pregnant with my daughter, and I cried out to God. My prayer was sincere and desperate. I cried out “God I don’t know if you listen to people like me but if you do please help me”!! After 83 arrest, 66 convictions, 19 years of dr*g addiction, prostitution, homelessness, diagnosed mental ill, I felt hopeless, helpless and dead inside.”

“I tried everything else but God, so here I was trying God, sincerely seeking him. He heard my cries. Since that desperate cry, I have not desired or used dr*gs or even smoked a cigarette. What he has done for me and through me shows the true healing, delivering power of our true, living God. Our Savior! Our redeemer!!!

Our Healer!! Our Deliverer! Today marks my 14th year of freedom. Who the son sets free is free indeed. Father God, I celebrate you!!!! I thank you! I honor and worship you for being The Creator! The First and the Last. The Alpha and Omega!!! The “I AM”!! Glory to you alone. Thank you for the blood of our Savior Jesus who has set me free!!!”

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