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The Music Business and My Bible.

Topic: Why You Can’t Access WISDOM for your Music project

1 Kings 3:7-13

I can imagine a man who have had no experience whatsoever with Latin sitting in for an exam, waiting to write a Latin exam. He prays and say;

Dear Lord give me the wisdom to write and pass this exam.

We both know his failure is assured.

The scripture above details the request King Solomon made to God for wisdom and how God granted his demand and more.

There are many believers out there requesting for wisdom daily, but sadly you see that a lot fail the test of wisdom. The question now becomes; Is God now short of giving out wisdom to his children like he did to Solomon?

Today’s thought cuts across every spheres of life but as usual I like to stay within the armbits my comfort zone which is the music business.

Ability is sensitive to capacity. This goes to say, responsibility is given according to capacity. God does not give you a blessing for the fun of it. Your requirement or demand from God must fit purpose and if you don’t fit for the purpose, you do not fit for the ability.

What business has all of this with the music business you would ask. Follow me and I will tie it up shortly.

Solomon asked God for wisdom, many of us keep asking God for wisdom and wonder why we have not received yet. What we often don’t see or take note of is the fact that wisdom is a higher level to knowledge. Take note of the word “Knowledge”

Popularly defined we say that wisdom is the application of knowledge.

Knowledge is a prequsite for wisdom.

Solomon was first a Prince. Princes are trained to be knowledgeable with virtually everything that has to do with life. This is how they are prepared for Kingship. Knowledge was something Solomon had. He was aware!!

Many people especially Christians in the music business are not aware. They don’t know and don’t know that they don’t know. They often are in either of two classes of ignorance; Assertive Ignorance or Determined ignorance and most times they suffer both, laced with denial, praying in tongues and the “ministry” excuse, by the way Ministry is not a synonym for cluelessness or ignorance (another day another time).

You can’t experience wisdom at something you have no knowledge about. When Solomon asked for wisdom he asked for administrative wisdom. Wisdom to lead, to rule, guide the people, and have the right sense of judgement. That was wisdom in his area of specialty. He had been trained to be King, to be an administrator. He was well Knowledgeable as an administrator.

Do you know enough of your responsibility and requirement as a music business person? As a Gospel artist if you are brought before a group of artists like you who are of the secular can you teach the rudiments of the music, music business and performance without hidding under the idea of “Grace and Miracle”? Don’t get me wrong, Grace and miracle are needed but knowledge is an academic experience. Do you have it and can you express it? Seeking grace and miracles without knowledge is a sad place to be at.

Now the times are hard. Budget is a challenge. You need to have your music done, you need to promote your works , you need to make your video, you need strategy but you have no knowledge how this works how then can you access the wisdom to go around it? You don’t have a base and you want Wisdom?

Many times the things we experience as miracles and grace as Christians in the music business is God working twice as hard to protect his name and save our faces. Not that we qualify or are responsible enough to get it.

God does not bless a vaccum. You really want to do well in the music business and hope to get wisdom from God, then know the business for what it is and what it is worth.

You really want to know why you can’t access wisdom for your project? Check your knowledge bank.


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