BOOK: THE TRUTH by Tosin Paul, A Motivational That Fact Heals

THE TRUTH by Tosin Paul
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THE TRUTH by Tosin Paul is a great motivational piece and not just another motivational book. Tosin Paul took his time to delve into the real world by sharing his personal experience growing up which has shaped who he is today. He added extra goodies to his book. The summary part was crowned with two great parts;
“Nuggets of Wisdom and Inspirational Quotes”. These nuggets and quotes are not common in most books. They are great resources for reflection and meditation.

He encourages everybody to download a copy of this great book especially now that the world is witnessing great challenges based on the covid-19 pandemic. This book acts as a great companion for motivation.


Tosin Paul is a Dynamic writer and publisher of TheStarmag Magazine who is passionate about capacity building and development especially for young individuals to achieve maximum impact in life and career.

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