Femi Jacobs Book RISE “Your Promise Preceded Your Pain!”

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Your Promise Preceded Your Pain! “The Promise Was There Before The Pain” RISE The Book By Femi Jacobs

These days of “calling out”, there’s a tendency to think that “telling your story” translates to much. It’s a baseless presumption. Visibility will come from telling your story, and although there is some benefit to speaking out, I doubt if it helps us dream better to focus on our traumas.

In any case, what we want when we talk about healing and profiting from pain is far more than just telling a tale of what happened to us. It is deeper and far higher than that.

I have spent a couple of years helping people who have been through debilitating situations to find their footing in life by recovering their hope and rekindling the light of their dreams again. I often encourage them to dream like they’ve never been hurt.

Like I wrote in a previous post, our dreams should not be a reaction from our traumas but an independent engagement of hopefulness and rediscovery of passion for life and greatness.

Your promise was made before pain was introduced into your journey. As a matter of fact I opine that our problems are life’s reactions to our promise. We have these problems because evil would like to distract us from the promise that we carry.

This is the reason and the centre of the argument that I put forward in my latest podcast.

Please listen below.

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Femi Jacobs Book RISE

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