No Harm From A Viper’s Attack

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Topic: No Harm From A Viper’s Attack – Higher Every Day by Pastor W. F. Kumuyi [Sunday, November 5, 2017].

KEY VERSE: “And he shook off the beast into the fire, and felt no harm” (Acts 28:5).

Faith was at work here. The Lord had promised supernatural protection from harm to gospel workers. But there is a thin line beyond which faith turns to presumption. Note that Apostle Paul did not go about looking for a snake to handle just to prove the power of God or demonstrate his own ability. That would be foolishness, not faith. God grants miracles to glorify Himself and draw people into His Kingdom; never to satisfy human curiosity or massage the preacher’s ego.

Some modern-day “miracle workers” do not get this point. They flamboyantly stage miracles for the camera lights and claim the credits without any reference to God. God’s promise still holds true today. If you are God’s child, obedient to His word, you have nothing to fear. “No weapon formed against you shall prosper,” says the Lord. Fear of physical or spiritual attack has kept back many youths from reaching out to their peers with the gospel. God values the life of His obedient children; He will not permit any serpent, be it spiritual, physical, social or academic, to harm them.

Challenge: Faith does not faint or fear; it is firm in the fire.

Prayer: Grant me courage to live for, and serve you, dear Lord.

Quote: No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

Bible Reading in one Year: Acts 28:3-6

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