Receiving the Power of God Through Prayer

Joyce Meyer's Daily Devotional
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Topic: Receiving the Power of God Through Prayer – Joyce Meyer’s Daily Devotional  [Monday, October 30, 2017]

Prayer is so powerful because it joins the hearts of people on earth with the heart of God in heaven. When we pray, we connect with God, and He affects our daily lives beyond our comprehension.

I believe prayer is one of the greatest powers available in the entire universe. That may seem like a bold statement, but it’s true!

Prayer opens the door for God to work. It is the activity that you and I can engage in on earth when we need the power of heaven to come into our lives and bring wisdom, direction, encouragement or a miraculous breakthrough. Prayer connects us to the power of God—and that is why it is a greater force than anything else we can ever imagine. Even Jesus needed to pray and receive this power when He was on earth.

Only God’s power can bring peace and joy, grant wisdom, impart a sense of value and purpose to a person’s life, and work every kind of miracle.

Do you want to see that power work in your life? Then make prayer a priority.

– by Joyce Meyer

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