Seeds of Destiny 27 July 2018 Friday Devotional – DIGC Paul Enenche

Pastor Paul Enenche Seeds of Destinyfrom Seed of Destiny Devotional by Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche
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Topic: The Products Of Quality Relationships – (DIGC) Seeds of Destiny Devotional by Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche “Dunamis International Gospel Centre” Date: 27 July Friday, 2018.

SCRIPTURE: We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death. 1 John 3:14

Seeds of Destiny THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The life that is surrounded by love escapes existence in affliction and adversity.

Maintaining quality relationships is critical to success and destiny fulfilment. Having quality relationships and investing in people is one of the keys to making the most of life. This is because what you release to others in times of peace is released backed to you in times of challenges. Therefore, it is important to live beyond yourself.

Now, what are the benefits of quality relationships?
1. Love is key to life because love activates the life of God in us
When we love people, we escape the realm of premature death and disease to the realm of life. To love is to live while to hate is to die. Loving is living while hating is dying. Love will excuse death and permit life (1 John 3:14).

  1. To be surrounded by love is to survive adversity
    In Acts 14:20, the Bible says, Howbeit, as the disciples stood round about him, he rose up, and came into the city: and the next day he departed with Barnabas to Derbe.

After Paul the apostle was stoned, the people (his loved ones) stood round about him and he rose up. This means, when you are surrounded by love, no adversity can survive in your life. The life that is surrounded by love escapes existence in affliction and adversity.
Beloved, the Lord will make you a quality person and He will send quality people into your life for quality and profitable relationships in Jesus’ Name.

Remember this: The life that is surrounded by love escapes existence in affliction and adversity.

ASSIGNMENTS: Seeds of Destiny

  1. Endeavour to be a loving and caring person.
  2. Quality relationship begins with you; give and it shall be given you; love and you shall be loved; care and you shall be cared for.

PRAYER: O Lord, I receive the grace to love people unconditionally. Help me to live a sacrificial life of caring for and giving to others, Lord, in Jesus’ Name

DAILY BIBLE READING: 2 Chronicles 19:1 to 20:37, Romans 10:14 to 11:12, Psalm 21:1 to 13, Proverbs 20:4 to 6

AMAZING FACT: Two hearts pump blood to the gills of an octopus while one heart pumps blood to the rest of its body.

QUOTE: Association affects assimilation. Culled from 30 SECRETS TO THE TOP by Dr Paul Enenche.

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