Seeds of Destiny 6 August 2018 Daily Devotional (DIGC) Pastor Paul Enenche

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Topic: The Necessity Of The Life Of Impact – (DIGC) Seeds of Destiny Devotional by Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche “Dunamis International Gospel Centre” Date: Monday 6th August 2018.

Scripture: Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. Matthew 7:12.

Thought For The Day: You can reach anywhere in life if you can help others reach where they are going.

In life, it is crucial to know the things that matter and do them. Identifying the most important things in life and doing them is key to success and greatness in life.

Now, it is important to add that one important thing that matters in life is living a life of impact on others. Living a life of impact on others implies loving and investing in people. I would like you to know that your impact is superior to your income; making a difference is better than making a living.

It takes love to impact people; let people, even strangers, feel the impact of your life. Sometime ago, a young man sent me a recharge card and I was deeply touched by his sacrificial conduct. He just graduated from school and decided to work in a barbershop. They pay him just about Four Thousand Naira in a month and when he was paid, he sent a recharge card to me out of the Four Thousand Naira, and I was touched, so, I sent for him. When I was through seeing him, I told my wife that we should open a well-equipped barbershop for him so he could start from there. The truth is I had never met him before that time.

Beloved, you cannot love without giving. My counsel is, live a life of impact; make life better for others today by loving and helping them.

Remember this: You can reach anywhere in life if you can help others reach where they are going.

1. Show an act of love and kindness to people around you and even strangers.
2. Be interested in lifting people to greater heights in life.

Prayer: O Lord, help me to discover the reason I am alive. I receive the grace to be a person of perpetual impact, relevance and exploits, in Jesus’ Name.

Seeds of Destiny 6 August 2018 Daily Devotional

Daily Reading: Ezra 3:1 to 4:23, 1 Corinthians 2:6 to 3:4, Psalm 28:1 to 9, Proverbs 20:24 to 25

Amazing Fact: Dogs have wet nose to collect more of the tiny droplets of smelling chemicals in the air; that is why dogs are used as detectives by the police.

Today In History: 06/08/1879 – The first Australian rules football game to be played at night took place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The game was to promote the introduction of electricity to the city of Melbourne

Seeds of Destiny 6 August 2018 Daily Devotional

Quote: When you raise people, they will in turn raise you. Culled from 30 SECRETS TO THE TOP by Dr Paul Enenche.

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