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Sermon :: Taking Responsibility For Destiny Fulfilment

Pastor Paul Enenche
Pastor Paul Enenche

Topic: Taking Responsibility For Destiny Fulfilment – from Seed of Destiny Devotional by Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche | Date: Wednesday, 02 May 2018.


SCRIPTURE: Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. James 4:8

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Every Word of God must be backed up by the works of men for the wonders of God to manifest.

The Scriptures make it abundantly clear that everything about your life has been settled in eternity with God before you were born; God created you for a purpose and His desire is to make you great on earth (Genesis 1:26-28, Genesis 12:1-5, Jeremiah 1:4-5, Jeremiah 29:11). So, no devil can abort God’s purpose for your life.

However, many people have not reached where God designed for them in life because they have not aligned themselves with the purpose of God for their lives.

It is important to know that there must always be cooperation between man and God in order for man to fulfil God’s purpose for his life. This means, there are responsibilities you must embrace in order to reach where you are destined to reach on earth. Every Divine provision has human conditions. Many people could not reach God’s ordained plan for their lives because they refused to take the responsibility or fulfil their obligation in actualizing destiny.

So, a person must take action in response to what God says in order to see manifestation. Every Word of God must be backed up by the works of men for the wonders of God to manifest.

Beloved, one of your responsibilities in fulfilling God’s purpose for your life is a conscious effort in drawing nearer to God. When a man draws near to God, God, in turn, draws nearer to Him and helps him to fulfil purpose on earth (James 4:8).

My counsel is, as you draw nearer to God, identify and embrace other responsibilities in becoming what God created you for.

Remember this: Every Word of God must be backed up by the works of men for the wonders of God to manifest.

1. Make drawing nearer to God a conscious and consistent effort.
2. Identify and embrace other responsibilities from God’s Word for destiny fulfilment.

PRAYER: Show me Lord, my responsibilities and the actions to take from Your Word in order to fulfil destiny. Give me the grace to embrace them, Lord in Jesus’ Name.

DAILY BIBLE READING: Judges 15:1 to 16:31, John 2:1 to 25, Psalm 103:1 to 22, Proverbs14:17 to 19

AMAZING FACT: The sun is the closest star to the Earth and is 149.60 million kilometres (92.96 million miles) away.

TODAY IN HISTORY: 02/05/1994 – Nelson Mandela claims victory after South Africa’s first democratic elections.

QUOTE: Never accept or give excuse for being where you are… accept responsibility. Culled from 30 SECRETS TO THE TOP by Dr Paul Enenche.


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