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G12 Worship - We Invite You
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From a process of 2 years in the making, comes G12 Worship’s newest single “We Invite You.” The contemporary worship music band has been working tirelessly to bring songs that stem from the heart of God and what He is doing in the lives of its members.

The Dove Award-winning band, formerly known as Soulfire Revolution, delivers another hit with simple yet deeply heartfelt lyrics. Lorena Castellanos (lead vocalist) teamed up with Luke Pew and Lupe Page to write a poignant song about our hunger for the presence of God.

When singing the stirring melody to ‘We Invite You in this place, We invite You with our Praise, Holy Spirit have Your way,’ G12 Worship expresses that hunger and longing for God’s presence. “Just as in the Pentecost, we want the Holy Spirit to move in a supernatural way,” says G12 Worship.

In the days before the release of “We Invite You”, G12 Worship hyped up their fans in social media sharing their passion behind the song. “A life without the blaze of the Holy Spirit burning within us is not a life worth living. It’s His fire that ignites our hearts with love and passion to change the world around us. Our prayer is that God would stir that fire within us again. We don’t want to live a life without the Holy Spirit.”

Just as this song suggests, G12 Worship wanted to portray visuals of a church revived in a world that has lost its faith by inviting the Holy Spirit inside its walls. The official music video for “We Invite You” was recorded in a Baptist church in Virginia. Sometimes we call ourselves Christians but we don’t live like it. You become a true believer when you are led by the Spirit. Romans says that “those led by the Spirit are true Children of God.”

This reflection led them to a quote by Charles Purgeon. He once said, “My friends, it is one thing to go to church or chapel; it is quite another thing to go to God.” G12 Worship is the contemporary worship band for the G12 Churches in America – a collective made up of pastors and leaders from many congregations across the United States. It is, then, no wonder that at the heart of their ministry is a passion for the local and the global church.

“We want to see churches revived by His fire all across America. We believe that a new anointing is about to come and the Holy Spirit will,” the group shares.

G12 Worship exists to sing about who God is and what He can do. Their desire is to create songs that resonate with worshipers and create a change in every life. Their first album as G12 Worship, led by producer Anthony Catacoli, will be released soon and it promises to bring a fresh sound with lyrics that speak from the team’s heart, that derive directly from Scripture and their desire to come closer to God.

“We Invite You” is available in all digital music platforms now.

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