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Hills & Horizons - Futures Album
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Futures releases their debut LP, Hills & Horizons on DREAM Records available everywhere. 2 years in the making, the 11-song album features songs written by Mark Evans, Danae Leslie, Ryan Rolls, Chloe Evans and Andrew Barlow. The album is a sonically iconic journey and a signature piece in the exciting evolution of the group. The eMix album features songs already released like “Just So Good”, “Simple”, Can’t Steal This Love”, “Good Things”, music videos and new songs including their radio single “Hills & Horizons.”

“Hills & Horizons speaks to the ups & downs, the lonely road & the in-betweens of life where we don’t get to see the whole picture. It connects on a personal level & at the same time, has been our shared human experience over the last 2 years. We believe the spirit of these songs breaks through depression, disappointment, discouragement & disillusion; literally changing not only how a person feels about their situation but how they see everything.” – Mark Evans, Futures

Hills & Horizons Tracklisting:

  1. Just So Good
  2. Can’t Steal This Love
  3. Hills & Horizons
  4. Simple
  5. Good Things
  6. Alibi
  7. Famous
  8. Dandelion
  9. Remedy
  10. Dare To Believe
  11. Good News

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