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YB - Wings Of An Angel Album
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Faith-based music powerhouse YB shares the official music video for “Hand of God Freestyle.” The track is from YB’s project Wings Of An Angel which dropped earlier this year (June 17).

Known for his poignant messages, YB continues to rise within the Christian hip-hop community.

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[Intro] Yeah, woo
Woo, ice
Look, uh

[Verse] I don’t know if they been prayin’ for me or they prayin’ on me
Man, just know that the prayer’s appreciated
So rich way before a check
Pre-check like I TSA it
I could never let ’em box me in
They wanna corner me out
My city seen more rips
Than a pair of jeans with the knees out
These days been a hard win
And a hard wind just a breeze now
They gon’ try to cut the wings of a butterfly
Look at what He brings now
If life like Wrestlemania
I’m middle of the ring now
Opposition had two faces
Now the cards dealt, better sting now
Even if they get a plays up
Man, I pray I never let the team down
Just know I’ma die happy
If I die out with the King, proud, uh
Man, what do you know?
I had days where I felt fire, now those ashes turned to gold
Send my prayers to the sky, thank You, Lord, for all your nos
Now Your yeses on a roll, everything that drove me crazy
Gettin’ towed, uh, uh, gettin’ towed, uh
Everything has a time and place but when, nobody knows
I said it in God’s hands
I said it in God’s hands

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