Shola Allyson mourns popular music promoter Dudu Heritage death

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Nigerian gospel artist, Shola Allyson, is mourning the death of popular music promoter, Ola Ibironke, also known as Dudu Heritage, who died on September 11, 2021.

Allyson, in a tribute posted on her verified Facebook page, noted that Dudu Heritage brought her to the limelight through her ‘Eji Owuro’ album.

She said, “Looking back now, it’s evident that my meeting you was intentional by The Plan. A time in my life when I was dissatisfied and restless. I wanted to do something else. I was already singing professionally for about 15 years and I was bored. Tired. Almost frustrated. I wanted to act.

“I met Lanre on a bus from Obalende to Ogba; we talked. He worked for you. Your company needed someone green to do the soundtrack of the just-finished film project Eji Òwúrọ̀ by @Bimbooshin. But Olúṣọlá wasn’t even interested in singing. I wanted to act. Lanre gave me the address of your office. Dolphin Estate Ikoyi.

“I came; I obtained the form – to act o. Day upon day, one thing after the other, you got to know I could sing. I was given the responsibility to do the soundtrack. Because I am excellence-minded, even as it was acting I wanted to do at that time, I did the songs. I put in my best. I received help in writing evergreen songs that me I didn’t know that’s what they were. Just to drop it and face front about acting. But destiny was happening to me!!! And you were the one used to effect it.

“You heard the songs. You said they were too good to be left in a film. You saw farther than anyone did. The people working with you then looked at you somehow but you owned the resources, you were the Ọ̀gá, your word must be obeyed. You insisted I had to go back to make the songs longer to fit into 42mins cassette, standard album duration.” (sic)

Allyson added that subsequently, Dudu Heritage insisted that she be featured in the advert of movies with the songs she did.

She further described him as the vessel used to bring her destiny to pass.

She said, “My destiny was ready, the way was laid out before me, and you were used as a vessel to bring it to pass! And just like that, the journey into fame began; I became Sola Allyson, Eji Òwúrọ̀.

“Can I ever forget you? Am I not always thankful that I met you at that time? Though I had to move on in destiny, I was always praying for you every time you crossed my mind. Now, you have left us here; you had to go! Hmmm… SAD. But then, what can we do? Is it not assigned for us all to go at one time?

“May your path be made easy. May you meet with mercy. May Light shine. You were a good person. May good be yours as you go ahead. May good be the portion of all yours you left behind. For you, I’m always thankful, Uncle Ola.”

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