Steve Gray Drops New Album Experience ‘You Will Restore’

ALBUM Steve Gray - You Will Restore
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Steve Gray’s new album, You Will Restore, An experience in Psalms, is available now on all digital platforms.

The 10-song album, written by Gray, features passages from the book of Psalms and combines contemporary, Middle Eastern, and orchestral cinematic elements. Gray, senior pastor of World Revival Church in Kansas City, Mo., says the album is an Old Testament reflection inspired by the heart and emotions of David. The album is his fourth solo album.

“The album is a unique journey into the emotions of love, war, helplessness and rescue. It’s more than just music and singing — the album is an experience,” Gray shares. “I hope people see themselves in these songs, like I see myself. I see David in the songs. I want people to come away knowing that God restores and that he protects, no matter what.”

Steve Gray Drops New Album Experience ‘You Will Restore’

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