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GM True Talk With Folabi Nuel
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Today GospelMinds true talk is coming from Nigerian extraordinary music minister and fast rising gospel artiste, Folabi Nuel.

Folabi’s posted on one of his social network account (Instagram) what he discovered recently #whatirecentlylearnt.

The Church (You and I) Will Face More Persecution Than Ever Before. God is counting on us to step up and obey for the sake of those coming after us… so stop overthinking if you are qualified or not. He specializes in using unqualified people! Do More!

A follower of him, Melinda Hudroge also drop a comment about her experience after converting to Christianity

When I first became a Christian four years ago, I thought it was a bed of roses. But I was wrong. For three years I faced all sorts of persecution. I was being judged, lied on, public molested, and so on. Family members from the other faith kept asking why are you taking all of this? I tell them, it’s a lesson for me. It teaches me how to treat people and how not to. I’ve never stopped serving and everything I’ve gone through I put in my worship. So, endure. Please. Cause your story will give people strength and hope to hold on to Jesus. Thanks for this post”.

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