Williams Uchemba, No Jesus No Life ‘I can never be ashamed of the Gospel’

Williams Uchemba
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Williams Uchemba, said “THERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU CANNOT SEE UNTIL YOU BOW…”he also added by saying “someone told me In January this year that the next 3 years will be very rough for me because of some false news against me, when I went on my face I heard a voice clearly say to me on the 13th of March in London “ Who declares a thing when I’ve not approved it? Now I will show you that I am God because I will never leave you nor forsake you” and this year alone I’ve been blessed 10times more than I’ve ever been blessed both financially, spiritually and even in my career. The only time I entered the hospital was to get people out of the hospital, this year alone I sold the biggest real estate deal ever in my entire life , this year I have not been sick for one day since January not for one day, I have enjoyed uninterrupted good health, Grace, Favour, and abundance in my life, this year alone Over 57 million people died and you and I were not among this number. Don’t chase after men, chase after God and men will chase you just to bless you.

I can never be ashamed of the gospel, I can never be ashamed of my source of life , you don’t charge your phone overnight and wake up to 100% battery 🔋 and throw away your charger because you feel you are fully charged, that’s why One of the greatest woes of a man is if he neglects his source of being. Jesus is my Source and Foundation of my life, He is my strength, provider, sustainer, savior and I will forever be indebted to him because he sacrificed his life for me to have the life I enjoy today and I will use it to serve him all the days of my life. NO JESUS NO LIFE, KNOW JESUS KNOW LIFE.

We are in the last month of the year 2019 and I want to use this platform to thank God and say Happy New month to all of you…This year will end well for you, what you’ve been trying to achieve this year 31 days is too big for God to still do it and you will get it before the year runs out in Jesus Name.

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