Interview: American Gospel artist, Vada Talks New Album, & Much More

Vada Talks New Album
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[Interview] American Gospel artist, Vada Talks New Album, Balancing Being a Battle Rapper with Being a Christian & Much More!

So tell us a little bit about your transition from secular music to gospel.

Well, I haven’t released much rap music yet so its hard to compare. But I think my hip hop still has the same “Vada DNA” so to speak. I’m not cursing but I’m not preaching either. I’ve learned that a lot of Christian rappers say “I’m not a Christian rapper, I’m just a Christian who raps” so I won’t repeat that but I’m interested in the feedback everyone is going to have when it all drops.

Other than that, my transition is just a result of my heart changing that’s all. I always wrote music about what was on my heart and that’s still the same today.

You’re right, a lot of Christian rappers say that but what separates you from the rest of them?

Honestly I’m not very aware of the landscape so I can’t even specifically say. But usually I’m separated from other people because I’m outspoken. I’m also intentionally unique so if I observe that everyone is doing what I’m doing I switch it up based on that alone. I’ve been learning more about quote unquote Christian rappers but right now I don’t know enough to speak on. But if we’re Brothers in Christ then hey I’m on their team. I hope they reach all the nations. But just me as a person, I usually stand out I always have.

You dissed a lot rappers in the past… will you do an “I’m saved, I repent, sorry for dissing you” song? Lol

Hahahaha. Nah that’s not happening. I’m still competitive so I struggle with how I express my distaste for whack music nowadays. I don’t think I’ll ever do another song like “Peroxide” or “Aye” again but I’m still a battle rapper at heart. So, we will find out how things turn out together because the things that you’re curious about, I’m curious about as well. Don’t be surprised if it’s a few emcees lovingly on the menu [laughs].

Well tell us about your album so we can be clear. Is it a gospel album? Rap album that’s really a Christian album?

It’s a double album. Side A is all rap that I’m sure I’ll be clarifying that it’s not “Christian Rap”a trillion times over [laughs]. And Side B is straight gospel. Like gospel gospel. I’d hate to use this person as an example right now because of controversy but R. Kelly did this before with ‘U Saved Me.’ Where disc 1 was the standard R&B that you’d expect from him and then disc 2 was legit gospel. So it’s sort of like that. I’m really excited about it all too, God is great yo.

American Gospel artist, Vada

Okay so that explains the “Jesus” single then. What can you tell us about that song and how it came about?

Well, I wanted to be as ‘gospely’ as possible and just repeat the name of Jesus. And I also wanted to get the song out before the album finished so people can know that the music isn’t whack. It’s unspoken but I understand that there’s a level of uncertainty with my material like ‘we don’t know what to expect’… ‘how good is it going to be?’ And I want folks to know that the goal is to have a classic album. My prayer is that this album is heard, received and that it’s revered as a classic. If only 40 people hear it, my prayer is that 40 people LOVE it. That’s the goal. I’m not putting a project together because I can’t let music go or nothing like that. Nah… we tryna make a CLASSIC. So let’s pursue excellence because I think that’s a great standard.

What’s the name of the album?

Burgundy Cross

So the gospel side of Burgundy Cross is 100% gospel, with a bunch of songs like “Jesus,” correct? What’s the direction of the different songs then? Spill the beans! [laughs]

Different stuff. There’s a song called “Deliverance” on there that’s about how we as fallen creatures need deliverance. We already have a Savior but that doesn’t mean we’re delivered from our sinful ways and desires. As a believer, we should want deliverance. Even if God decides to tell us “no – I’m gonna keep that thorn in your side” we should still seek deliverance because it shows our intention to not separate from God. God’s grace is sufficient though but that’s my favorite song on the album right now. There’s an amazing preacher named Cecil Thompson who’s supposed to sing that one. Man I’m excited! [laughs]. He’s amazing I think the world is gonna love it.

And you write every song?

On my album? Yes sir.

Who’s the singer on “Jesus?”

Her name is Shaunte Nickels. She’s a worship leader from the Los Angeles area. I actually heard her singing at a church when I didn’t know her and I immediately knew I wanted to work with her. When I introduced myself to her I told her I had a song I wanted  to do with her and that song was “Jesus.” She killed it didn’t she?

Yes she did. So, who produces it?

That’s me as well. Every song I produced alongside the brilliant DJ Rek. He’s incredible, yaw should definitely look him up. He does a great job of bringing my ideas to life and adding certin things with epic Producers ear.

Wow that’s fascinating Vada. When will we get a rap single? And when will get a new gospel single?

Well it’s already one song called ‘Real MC’ that’s out there but the album is currently being worked on as we speak. You’ll hear more soon and I’ll definitely be back to talk to you guys about it.

Well we’re looking forward to the project and the different music you’re releasing. Any last comments you want the fans to hear?

Just follow me on Instagram & twitter at @VadaRealMC. My youtube page has a lot of music and defense of Christianity, I am a former atheist so I share answers to Christian objections that I found helpful as a non-believer.

Just follow me yaw as I follow Christ. We’re all in this together but I’ll say this… I will always be myself at all times. I don’t know any other way.

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