Exclusive Interview: “I Have Never Received A Worship Song” NOSA [@nosaalways] Nosa Speaks

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It was such a pleasure to have hosted the one and only NOSA on Praiseworld Radio’s breakfast show The Praise O’Clock Show last Monday, July 10 2017.

The studio was full of smiles and laughter as NOSA opened up, sharing details of past experiences, relationships and Music in general.

During the course of the interview, Nosa was asked if he was working on any project and he responded by announcing that he is currently working on a ‘Worship Project.’

He began by speaking about the fact that he does not put out songs that God has not given to him.

“I like to obey God, I like to go with what God put into my spirit and there are many things that come to my spirit. Although, I have seen people who believe that if you are into ‘Praise/Worship’ songs then you cannot go into ‘Love’ songs.”

The ‘Always Pray For You crooner’ went on to add that there are certain artistes who are strictly into writing and releasing Praise/Worship songs but, he only releases whatever God places in his heart and it may not be a Worship or Praise song.

“I appreciate their journey. You know, there is a way Paul will run, and there is a way Mark would run. Paul was going around killing people when God met him. But, the way that kind of person would do his Christianity would be very extreme.

There are extreme people who would tell you to not rob shoulders or mingle with the world but then inside of you, God is dropping all these unique ideas and I would always decide to go with what God drops in my spirit.”

Nosa who just recently released his latest single; Most High which featured Nathaniel Bassey, gave insights as to the category of songs that tend to drop in his spirit.

He then revealed that he has never received a worship song, adding that his songs mostly come in bits and pieces which he always records as voice notes on his phone.

“I have not received a worship song, I receive my songs. It can be in bits and pieces, and most of the time when I get the tune I record them as voice notes.

As a matter of fact, for one of the songs that would be on the project; ‘i’m in love with you,‘ I got two parts of the songs as two different ideas. I was humming while washing clothes one day and then I just got the remaining part.”

Nosa always, as he is popularly called, emphasized the fact that he can always recognize when God inspires a particular song. He revealed, that he always makes it a necessity to share whatever God lays in his spirit.

He then went on to illustrate how songs affect the Spirit, Soul and the Body.

“I know when it is God that has inspired it so, I always write it down. I like to express everything that God has put in my spirit, because the Christian man is a total man.

He is a spirit, he has a soul and he lives in a body. Every part has to be attended to. So, your spirit has been attended to through salvation, your soul is being worked on constantly, and for your body, you have to keep working on it in terms of discipline.”

He explained further that generally, music affects the soul, first and foremost, adding that there is a thin line between the spirit and the soul but most of the time people tend to confuse the two.

Nosa then indicated the fact that it is the soul that actually makes us cry and causes us to have goosebumps.

 “For example, if you listen to mainstream music, it hits your soul, your emotions. So basically, music in general hits your soul.

The bible says that “the word of God is sharper than any two edged sword dividing the soul and spirit meaning that the line between the soul and the spirit is so thin.

There are things you do in the soulish realm that makes you think it is your spirit doing it. This is why sometimes, while you worship, you may think that it is the spirit of God that showed up.”

He emphasized that most of the time when people think the spirit of God is present, it is actually their soul responding to the music. According to him, the Spirit of God rubs off on our spirit, soul and then manifests through our bodies.

” No, it was your soul that was reaching out to God. So, your soul can make you cry, it can make you have goosebumps but that is not the spirit of God.

The spirit of God comes and rubs off on your spirit, soul and manifests in your body, so it cuts through everything.”

Nosa went further to buttress his point, stating that music is made out of soul material likewise food being made out of flesh material.

He then added that the word of God is made up of spirit material which is why our spirits catch onto it and that since music is made up of soul material, automatically our soul catches unto it.

He wrapped it up by stating that music hits our souls, the words bless our spirits and our bodies manifest through dancing and lifting up of hands.

“If I do a song, first of all it hits your soul because it is music, meaning that music was made out of soul material, just the way food was made out of flesh material.

The flesh was made out of earth, so when you eat, it becomes a part of your body, the waste is sent to the earth and it becomes part of the earth again.

Then when you die, because your body is made of earth material, it will decompose and go back as part of the earth.

The word of God is made of spirit material and that’s why your spirit catches onto it. Music is made up of soul material and that’s why your soul embraces it immediately.

So basically, the music hits your soul and the words bless your spirit and the you manifest it by worshiping, dancing and lifting up holy hands.”

Nosa concluded by pointing out that, there are certain songs that are peculiar to the soul, songs that are directed towards peace and unity, songs that inspire the nation.

He then argued that If he can express his love to his wife with the same mouth he uses to pray, then why shouldn’t he be able to use that same mouth to sing about the love he expresses to his wife.

“But there are things that are just for the soul. For example you are going through a heartbreak, one can decide to do a song that talks about that heartbreak from your perspective as a child of God.

You can decide to sing about peace, unity and what is happening in the country just to inspire people. 

Praise and worship is part of who you are, your worship is in it because of your understanding of who God is. Your praise is expressing how much you adore him

So, If I can pray and with the same mouth I tell my wife ‘I love you so much’ or ‘You are the best thing that has ever happened to me’ that means I can also sing about it

So if I can say it, then I can sing it. If I can say ‘Lord I love you’ then I can sing about it.”


Nosa Omoregie, popularly known as Nosa, is a Nigerian recording artist, singer, songwriter and performer. He is currently signed to Chocolate City.

His debut studio album, Open Doors, was released on 14 March 2014 and supported by the singles “Always Pray for You”, “Why You Love Me” and “Always on My Mind”.

Nosa’s aim with his music is to create a bridge between music genres while making sure the gospel aspect of it is on a fore-front platform just as the other genres i.e a unique merger of sorts: creatively superimposing a soul tune on a high-life beat, a high-life verse with a rock-y chorus or singing ‘Pidgin’ English with an R n B flavor while proclaiming an inspirational and uplifting message to his listeners

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