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Liberty James Don't Leave Me Like This
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Pastor Liberty Igbinosa James is a Bini man from Benin in Edo state. He serves as a Pastor and a Gospel Music Minister.

Liberty is out with a new single titled “Don’t Leave Me Like This”.

It’s a cry from a burning desire of someone, that God should change his/her status; from sickness to health, from poverty to prosperity, from a nobody to somebody, from zero to hero, from begging to lending, etc. Just like the Prayer of Jabez, a time comes in an individual’s life that they know they can know longer take whatever life throws at that and turn to God to enlarge their coasts and turn their lives around for good.


Dear Lord, dear Lord,
Don’t leave me like this,
Don’t leave me like this,
Dear Lord, dear Lord.{2×}

Solo: O Lord show me your mercy,
With your grace and compassion,
I can’t help myself,
Lord I can’t help myself {2×},
Baba, baba (my Father,my Father)
Don’t leave me like this Lord,
Don’t leave me like this Lord
(Repeatedly as you pray with the song)


Twitter: @LibertyIgbinos1
Facebook: Liberty I James
Instagram: igbinosaliberty
Phone: 09035231534/08186071739

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