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BEC Recordings’ Jordan St. Cyr released the White Room Sessions video performance of “Turn It Around,” which can be viewed below. The song is featured on St. Cyr’s most recent EP, Be My Defender, which dropped earlier this year.

Song “Turn It Around’ By Jordan St. Cyr | STREAM HERE

When your eyes are fixed on the wreckage of your heart’s condition
When your mind’s set on the things that you cannot change
Searching for answers where there is none
Seems like the war could never be won
When it takes all you have to believe there could be a day

Where the sun meets the horizon
And swallows up the night
Come and give it all to Jesus
Who redeems and makes it right

In every situation, every need
Call upon His name and know that He can
Turn it around, turn it around
Turn it around
And when the unknown is all you see
Lift your weary head and know that He can
Turn it around, turn it around
Turn it around
Only He can turn it around, turn it around
Turn it around

Let the cross stand where there once was guilt and shame
Let His kindness be the catalyst for change

As it overwhelms the darkness
Into all-consuming light
Come and give it all to Jesus
Who is making all things right

Watch your sorrow turn to joy
Watch your fears turn into faith
Watch defeat turn into hope
When you call upon His name (repeat)

In every situation, every need
Oh you can know that He will

What you never thought was possible
Even in your wildest dreams
Where the weight is lifted from you
By the all-consuming light
Praying desperately for
some hope in the midst of pain

Bring your sickness to the great physician
If you’re only looking at the broken
You might miss the working of the great physician
Let the sickness you’ve been living in
Come and meet the great physician
Let go of your shame
When you think that hope’s gone

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