[Lyrics + Video] Favour George – Your Love

Favour George - Your Love
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Favour George release the official music video for “Your Love”, one of the singles from the EP. “Love” by the world has been described in different forms and levels, and usually contradicts its biblical description and expression. As Christians, we have somehow gotten mixed up in this worldly definition of love.

“Your Love” is a guide, as well as a reminder of who God is (Love). It is also a request; a prayer for the body of Christ to come to the level God wants us to get to in loving one another and loving the world at large.

Watch the “Your Love” music video below;

“Your Love” Lyrics

Verse 1
Your Love,
Reassures me when I’m broken and at fault,
Forgives my sins like I’ve never been wrong,
Your Love, Your Love,
Sacrificial love

Verse 2
Your Love,
Deeper than the deepest of my thoughts,
Jesus you’re everything and more
Your Love, Your Love
Sacrificial Love

Backup: it’s your love…..
Lead: casts away every fear
Backup: it’s your love
Lead: it fixes me when I’m broken
Backup: it’s your love
Lead: changes me from inside out
Backup: it’s your love…. Your love

Show me how to walk like you
Teach how to talk like you
I just want to love like you
Your love
Your love

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