Download Mp3: You Deserve My Praise by Emperor Sam Lyrics

You Deserve My Praise by Emperor Sam
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Only an artist who’s quite sure of his future would call themselves king, so Emperor Sam must be quite certain of his music. Merging his vast influences with booming drums, Sam concocts a creative mix of music that puts a new shine on hip-hop.

Taking cues from opera, classical, traditional pop, soul/funk, and rock, Sam never runs away from giving things a new spin while keeping its spirit. Whether it’s keeping the listener dancing and rocking, or taking them on a nostalgic trip, the music appeals to his audience.

Born Samson Afolabi, the Nigerian-born producer started songwriting from 11 but began producing at 16 when he moved to Plymouth, UK. He started out creating dance club music which is the main path of his first release but soon realised his true calling was hip-hop. Influenced by the likes of Dr. Dre, RZA, and Kanye West, he merged his knowledge of production with the music he had been listening to all his life, and he went on a creation spree.

Taking his time, he is working with local acts and writing new music to create a coherent release. He is not limiting himself to producing either, as he is looking to rap and sing as well. He will be performing locally as a producer and rapper soon and debuts new music on his radio show, Tales from the Crypt.

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