[Music Video] Shekinah Glory Ministry – Peace For My World

Shekinah Glory Ministry - Peace For My World
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Shekinah Glory Ministry (SGM), has released the concert music video to “Peace for My World” – an obscure track from its 2012 album, “Surrender” (Kingdom Records), available now on YouTube.

It’s meant as a spiritual comfort to a restless globe that’s currently battling COVID-19, racial tensions, mass unemployment and other challenges. An edited version of the song is also available at all major digital platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, TIDAL and Pandora, among others.

“It seems like overnight everything that we knew changed and all of a sudden, we looked up and everything around us seemed to be in chaos and disarray,” says SGM member, Sherree Lee. “In one of those moments of uncertainty and feelings of helplessness, God reminded me that He brings peace to our world. This song reminds us all of that assurance.” The song’s composer, Daniel Weatherspoon says, “[the tune] recognizes that in the midst of chaos, the God of peace, can and will command the storm to cease.”

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