Sinach New Song ‘Winning’ Leads Gospel Heritage Project

Sinach New Song 'Winning' Leads Gospel Heritage Project
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Gospel Heritage is a brilliant new project from Platoon, celebrating Gospel Heritage Month this September. The playlist features brand new music from: Sinach, Tim Godfrey, Chevelle Franklyn, Bishop John Francis, Becca Folkes, Sarah Teibo, Volney Morgan, Lurine Cato, Juanita Francis, Sharyn and Isaiah Raymond.

Global gospel superstar Sinach leads the charge with her single “Winning”, a heartfelt song of declaration which affirms the infallibility of God’s Word. The Waymaker singer says, “this song is the believer’s victory cry, when faced with challenges and it comes from a place of absolute trust in God’s Word.” On Gospel Heritage, she says, “The most exciting thing for me, about being part of the Gospel Heritage, is having a legacy that is about impacting the lives of people all over the world, by bringing to them, the Gospel in music, which in turn gives them hope, healing, joy and encouragement.”

The playlist comprises 11 artists and tracks with Gospel subgenres like R&B, soul, afro-gospel, alt-pop, dance, reggae and country gospel. This project aims to tell the story of Gospel music through different lenses from across Africa, the UK, and Jamaica. Each artist provides their own unique sound and style, culminating in a divers retelling of the Gospel Music story.

Listen to ‘Gospel Heritage’ now.

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