All Things New Frontman Garrett Hornbuckle opened up how Grace Helped Him Forgive His Father

All Things New Frontman Garrett Hornbuckle
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In honor of Father’s Day weekend, All Things New frontman Garrett Hornbuckle opened up in a candid video about how grace helped him forgive his father and how that changed his life forever. “It is the story of me and my fathers relationship and how grace has completely restored it,” Hornbuckle said. “In the video, I share my perspective on growing up without a dad and my father shares his story and how his dad wasn’t there for him growing up.”

This video highlights ATN’s new single, “Grace That Changes Everything,” which is currently impacting radio. “It is only by Grace how me and my father have a relationship now and I can’t wait to share this story!”

Some fellow CCM artists have offered rave reviews of the new single.
I’m beyond stoked to scream hallelujah and thank you Jesus for God’s amazing graces! I will be the first to say, they come fresh to me/us every morning; I’m a living testimonial that ‘Grace Changes EVERYTHING’ we only have to embrace it!
-Michael Tait

All Things New have crafted a song which is sonically explosive and carries a critical message of hope. ‘Grace That Changes Everything’ is the gospel message set to music- and what could be more effective than that?
-Chris Llewellyn, Rend Collective

I’m excited for the world to hear this new song from my friends All Things New! I love ‘Grace That Changes Everything’ so much and I’m praying it will be an anthem for anyone who has ever had their world turned upside down by the life changing gift of GRACE!
-Matthew West

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