6x GRAMMY-winner Amy Grant Recovering From Heart Surgery

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Please join us in praying for 6x GRAMMY-winner Amy Grant as she is recovering from heart surgery at this hour. Grant underwent a planned procedure today to correct partial anomalous pulmonary venous return (PAPVR). PAPVR is a heart defect that is oftentimes present from birth, in which one or two of the pulmonary veins of the heart drain blood into the right side of the heart instead of the left side.

Within the last hour, Grant’s team shared an encouraging message on social media about her recovery. “Thank you for so many prayers today. Amy is out of surgery and the doctor said it could not have gone better. We would ask for continued prayers over the days, weeks and months to come as she makes a full recovery… xo ”

Grant is tentatively booked for an October 2nd performance in Franklin, Tennessee.

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